Active recreation park on the territory of Holosiivskyi park
Active recreation park on the territory of Holosiivskyi parkActive recreation park on the territory of Holosiivskyi park

Active recreation park on the territory of Holosiivskyi park

Project data:

Status The investment competition is over.
The winner of the investment tender has been determined.
An investment agreement has been concluded with the investor.
Legal background Resolution of the KCSA from 07.11.2019 № 1925
Project owner KP UZN of Holosiyivsʹkyy district of the city of Kyiv
Preparatory (pre-investment) works Municipal enterprise "Kyiv Investment Agency"
Investor LLC "Aktyvna Krayina"
The object of investment Arrangement of the zone of active entertainment and recreation with the improvement of the territory in Holosiyivsʹkyy Park
Project description The project envisages the construction of a children's amusement park and recreation facilities.
Estimated Total Cost of Installation: UAH 3 840 449.92 

The estimated technical and economic parameters*

Indicator Unit Total
Indicative Arrangement area ha 1.5
Approximate length of the rope park route m 1,440.5
Zipline Roller Coaster m 544.6
Zipline Roller Coaster m 178
Two temporary structures, including:    
Temporary structure №1 m2 23.2
- Cashier m2 8.5
- Staff only m2 14.7
Temporary structure №2 m2 23.2
- Inventory m2 15.7
- Staff only m2 7.5
The area along the outer contour of two temporary structures, including: m2 60
Total area m2 47.6
Usable area m2 46.4
The height of the temporary structure m 3.5
Number of floors floor 1
Attractions indicators:    
- Trampolines pcs. 1
- Climbing wall m2 8.6
- Maze m2 40

*Final technical and economic indicators and detailed information about the Investment Object, incl. the final (total) cost of the investment object's arrangement will be determined on the basis of the project documentation or other documentation stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Estimated technical and economic indicators of improvement work in the park

Indicator Unit Total
Trash bins pcs. 5
Benches pcs. 5

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