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In accordance with the Regulations on the procedure for holding investment contests for the construction, reconstruction, restoration, etc. of residential and non-residential purposes, unfinished construction, engineering and transport infrastructure of the city of Kyiv, approved by the decision of the Kyiv City Council dated May 24, 2007 No. 528/1189, and the decision Permanent Competition Commission established by the order of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv city state administration) dated October 22, 2007, No. 1403 (Minutes of July 12, 2017, No. 10 0/2017), preparatory works for conducting an investment competition for attracting an investor for the project "Construction of a rope park in the park" Molodizhny "in Desnianskyi district" have been started. "

The said project was included in the list of investment objects that require the attraction of investments in accordance with the order of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv city state administration) of October 9, 2017, No. 1247. The municipal enterprise for the maintenance of greenery in the Desnyansky district of Kyiv is designated as  the customer of Project implementation, and ME "Kyiv Investment Agency" - the customer of preparatory (pre-investment) works.

A plot of land with an estimated area of 0.15 hectares where the rope park is planned is located in the "Molodizhnyy" park in the Vigurivshchyna Troeshchyna residential area, between Volodymyr Mayakovsky Avenue and the streets of Marina Tsvetaeva and Konstantin Dankevich, in Desnyansky district, Kyiv. The construction of the park does not require the removal of greenery and is one of the types of ecological or "green" recreation.