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Foreign investors are optimistic about Ukraine


Foreign investors are optimistic about Ukraine

The of entry Ukraine to the international bond market will allow the launch of new investment projects for hundreds of millions of dollars, " said Oleg Mistuque, CEO "Kyiv Investment Agency" during the IE Real Estate International Forum 2017.

Large Ukrainian companies will enter foreign markets, and additional funds will emerge in the economy.

"Ukraine has accumulated a large number of potential investment deals, and has already formed a package of proposals for investors. But it was not the main thing - the confidence of investors and confirmation that Ukraine has returned to a stable financial position.  This year we received confirmation from our international partners, and there is a chance that all the projects that we have been preparing for the last year will find our investor ", - emphasized Oleg Mistuque.

If in 2016 interest in Ukrainian assets was shown by investors who are interested in high speculative profitability, then this year, according to him, there are sectoral, institutional investors who intend to expand their business in Ukraine.

"One or two years ago, business centers were half-empty and rental rates were low. Now we see that they are practically filled. Rental rates are still low, but the fact that in Kyiv may be a shortage of office real estate confirms that the economy is recovering and business is expanding. There is an additional demand for new projects, and this is a signal for developers ", - he said.

The office real estate, recreation, healthcare and education sectors will become key sectors of investment in Kyiv in 2018, both from local and foreign investors.

"The system still faces structural problems in the economy and there are no reforms that could launch the land market. However, Ukraine can expect to raise capital, including through improved credit ratings. Exchange policy and inflation targeting are beginning to work, which from the point of view of foreign investors gives the reason to believe that we will see a positive dynamics of GDP, and a slowdown in inflation next year ", - summed up Oleg Mistuque.