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Kyiv Investment Forum 2023: Brussels Platform as a commitment to influence the sustainable future of Kyiv


Kyiv Investment Forum 2023: Brussels Platform as a commitment to influence the sustainable future of Kyiv

This year's Kyiv Investment Forum will focus on long-term strategies for sustainable recovery and development of the Ukrainian capital, as well as its integration into the global economic space. This is reported by the Department of Economics and Investments of the Kyiv City State Administration, which is the organizer of the event.

The event will take place on November 16 in Brussels and will bring together city leaders, European and Ukrainian politicians, leading economists, investors and urbanists.

The main session will focus on the changing geopolitical landscape of Europe and the growing importance of megacities. Participants will examine the challenges of conflict and war, emphasize the value of sustainable development and the recovery of war-affected communities. The main session will be accompanied by four panel discussions and two breakout sessions on challenges and issues in both wartime and post-war.

The first panel discussion will bring together mayors of European cities and focus on the development of the Kyiv agglomeration through international municipal cooperation and effective peer-to-peer projects. Participants will review already implemented and promising development and sustainability projects to increase the ability of cities to recover and prepare for future challenges. They will also discuss the role of decentralization and stimulating investment in the economy of the capital's agglomeration.

The Forum will also feature a discussion panel on investment in transformation. In particular, it will cover the development of business ecosystems and innovation clusters, identifying smart specialization priorities for Kyiv, introducing innovative financing models, and attracting private capital to post-war recovery projects.

A separate discussion will be devoted to restoring the mental health of the population, social integration and adaptation of veterans and people affected by war. The panel "Building a Resilient, People-Centered Metropolis: Empowering Post-Conflict Communities" will focus on the development of a comprehensive service ecosystem, as well as a strategy for not only rapid recovery but also long-term sustainability and harmonious integration of different communities into the dynamic urban matrix of Kyiv.

In addition to the main program, there will be two breakout sessions. The first one will present a macroeconomic forecast for Ukraine and Kyiv's recovery for 2023-2030. This session will focus on strategies that strengthen public trust during the recovery phase of Kyiv.

The second session will explore how to attract investments focused on meaningful social outcomes. The discussions will focus on the new social impact ecosystem - impact business - and its ability to not only generate profits, but also provide measurable social benefits.

The full program of the Forum is available here: https://investinkyiv.info/