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Kyiv received the distinction of City Partner 2023

Kyiv received the special distinction of City Partner 2023 at the Digital Enterprise Show 2023 – the largest professional event on digital transformation for enterprises, corporations and public administrations in Malaga. This was announced by the head of digital transformation of Kyiv and deputy head of the KMDA, Petro Olenych, in his Telegram channel.

"The war created new challenges that require innovative, adaptive, and most importantly, sustainable solutions. Thanks to international partners for their trust and recognition. Everything will be a number!" - noted Petro Olenych.

The Digital Enterprise Show has become a global benchmark in which innovative companies, providers of technology solutions based on AI, Multicloud, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Metaverse, Data Intelligence, IoT, Cleantech and world leaders participate.

Together with 450 international experts, Petro Olenych and Viktoriya Itskovich will share their unique experience of transforming smart city technologies during the war.

"The war did not stop digitization, on the contrary, it allowed us to prove its capabilities. And we are very grateful to the world community for the opportunity to share Kyiv's experience," added Viktoriya Itskovich, Deputy Director of Digitization and Head of the Department for Digitization, Strategic Development of Digitization and Information Protection.