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Kyiv continues cooperation with NEFCO


Kyiv continues cooperation with NEFCO

Kyiv city authorities continue to cooperate with international donor organizations to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. First of all, we are talking about institutions of social importance - kindergartens, schools, medical institutions, etc. Last year, the city managed to attract another grant from the Northern Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO). Petro Panteleev, deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration, announced this on the radio "Kyiv".

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) is an organization formed by five European countries: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. It has been working for more than 20 years, providing financial support to environmentally important projects and programs aimed at reducing energy consumption. Kyiv began cooperation with NEFCO in 2014, during which time it has completed dozens of complex and partial energy modernization projects in social institutions. Last year, Kyiv signed a new grant agreement with NEFCO to attract more than 1 million euros in energy-efficient projects.

"In the issue of energy modernization of social institutions, we are helped by international partners, in particular NEFCO, which provides grant funds. After all, in addition to saving money, it is extremely important to create comfortable and safe conditions. In addition to a set of technical measures, a dispatching system has been introduced, which allows you to remotely regulate the supply of heat and not waste it. This is especially important during holidays or weekends, when heat supply can be reduced to a technically acceptable minimum," said Petro Panteleev.

He noted that the mechanism of ESCO contracts is being actively implemented in the capital, when private investments are involved in energy-efficient measures in a kindergarten or school.

"Invested funds are returned by the investor due to savings on energy resources. That is, everyone is interested in the project having the highest possible energy efficiency. The investor returns the invested funds faster, and the school or kindergarten receives savings and comfortable conditions for children. As a result, the capital's budget also saves, because communal services in social institutions are financed by the city's funds," Petro Panteleev emphasized.