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Kyiv to hold talks with the EIB on funds to modernize 220 subway cars and purchase 95 more modern ones

The Kyiv subway plans to upgrade its outdated rolling stock, which is reaching the end of its service life. In particular, the city authorities intend to negotiate with the European Investment Bank for funds for the comprehensive modernization of 220 cars and the purchase of 95 more new and modern ones. The relevant project was approved by a resolution of the KMDA.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between Kyiv and the European Investment Bank on the restoration of urban infrastructure dated November 28, 2022, the modernization of the Kyiv Metro rolling stock with an estimated cost of 450 million euros is one of the priority investments. Therefore, the Department of Finance of the KCSA has been instructed to negotiate with the bank on the terms of the loan. In total, about 40% of the subway rolling stock is planned to be renewed with the loan funds of the European Investment Bank.

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the introduction of martial law in the country prompts Kyiv Metro to look for opportunities to upgrade its rolling stock in conjunction with the creation of a modern transport fleet in the capital. After all, today the vast majority of the capital's subway fleet consists of passenger cars built by Russia in 1979-2013. They are morally and physically outdated due to their long service life. In addition, they contain equipment and components from the aggressor country, so the purchase of spare parts from it is unacceptable.

The project will increase the comfort and efficiency of public transport, expand the city's barrier-free space for people with disabilities, reduce pollutant emissions, introduce innovative energy-saving technologies, and save electricity.

Source: https://kyivcity.gov.ua/news/kiv_provede_peregovori_z_yevropeyskim_investitsiynim_bankom_schodo_koshtiv_na_modernizatsiyu_220_vagoniv_metro_i_pridbannya_sche_95_suchasnikh/