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The Fifth session of the UNECE International PPPs Forum  will be dedicated to 'Building Back Better' after the COVID-19 pandemic


The Fifth session of the UNECE International PPPs Forum will be dedicated to 'Building Back Better' after the COVID-19 pandemic

The representatives of the Department of Economics and Investments of the Kyiv City State Administration will take part in the Fifth Session of the UNECE International Public-Private Partnerships Forum "Building Back Better through People-first Public-Private Partnerships", to be held on April 22-26, 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The event is dedicated to the strategy of "Building Back Better" and solving critical social problems that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the forum participants will review the People-first PPP Evaluation Methodology, which determines the priority and effectiveness of measures to meet the needs of the population, as well as identify tools to accelerate "Building Back Better" after a pandemic and mechanisms to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities.

In the fight against the pandemic, despite the fact that more than a year has passed, many UNECE member states are still introducing lockdowns and quarantine restrictions. This leads to significant losses for national economies.

However, as noted in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in rescuing the national economy "a return to business as usual and environmentally destructive investment patterns and activities, must be avoided". Thus, more and more governments are announcing their intention to implement so-called "Building Back Better".

Indeed, "Building Back Better" should be aimed at achieving five key outcomes. In particular, increasing access to essential services and lessen social inequality, improving economic effectiveness, women’s empowerment, enhancing resilience and more care with the environment. Also "Building Back Better" of community life includes fully involving all stakeholders in project implementation.

The session will discuss the best practices of "Building Back Better" projects, which are consistent with five outcomes of public-private partnerships.

As part of the event, representatives of local authorities and city administrations will discuss the needs and measures to protect vulnerable members of their communities and important projects in critical areas: health, food security, water, waste management and circular economy, innovation and employment.

The event will take place online. The program of the event is at the link