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Vitaliy Klitschko opened the Kyiv Investment Forum-2021


Vitaliy Klitschko opened the Kyiv Investment Forum-2021

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko opened the Kyiv Investment Forum, which is taking place in the capital today.

According to the mayor, during the six years of the forum, it has become an international investment platform, which presents the achievements of cities, exchanges experience in meeting global challenges, discusses how to ensure sustainable urban development.

"For the sixth year in a row, the Ukrainian capital welcomes participants of the Kyiv Investment Forum. Daily challenges make us stronger, more experienced and more efficient. In our work, in the transformations that we implement. And after what we went through during the pandemic, we can say that we are all practically - Terminators. Kyiv is changing, becoming more comfortable and beautiful. We do everything to raise living standards in the capital. Today the focus of the city authorities is on landscaping, development of communal and transport infrastructure, creation of clear and transparent rules for business development”, - Vitaliy Klitschko said.

He noted that almost a quarter of Ukraine's GDP is generated in Kyiv. One resident of Kyiv has 6 times more direct investments than the average in Ukraine. The capital is one of the largest exporters of IT products, and Kyiv IT developers are known around the world. Creative industries have also been developing very dynamically in recent years.

"Kyiv, in fact, has something to be proud of and to attract investors. And many such opportunities will be presented here at the forum. We focus on innovation. Let me remind you that the capital was the first in the country to implement smart technologies in city management and is becoming more and more "smart", - said Vitaliy Klitschko.

Among the services used by Kyiv residents, in particular, online registration in kindergartens, electronic registration with a doctor, "Kyiv resident's office", appeals to the city authorities through petitions.

Also, it is an electronic ticket for travel on public transport and payment for parking through the mobile application "Kyiv Digital".

Also, it is an interactive map of municipal machinery. "Safe City" video surveillance system. And many other services that the city is constantly updating.

Participatory budgeting is also very popular in Kyiv. For whose projects Kyiv residents have been voting for several years from their smartphones. And the residents of the capital are increasingly presenting ideas that they want to see in their city. In five years, the capital has allocated UAH 880 million for the implementation of Participatory budgeting projects. During this time, almost 1,000 Kyiv projects have been implemented. And for the next year, the financing of the Participatory budgeting was increased to UAH 200 million.

"All this is just a part of the transformations that we, together with Kyiv residents, business are implementing in the capital. We have many plans, interesting and promising projects. In which it is profitable to invest. Kyiv is open to business initiatives that help the capital to develop dynamically. So - Get involved! Multiply the beauty and comfort of European Kyiv and increase your success!” - Vitaliy Klitschko addressed the forum participants.

During the forum, the director of ProZorro-Sales presented the mayor of the capital with the award "Building markets and trust together" for effective cooperation in holding open and transparent auctions in Kyiv.

Kyiv Investment Forum-2021 is the sixth annual event taking place in the capital. The forum is attended by more than 30 speakers from 14 countries, including mayors of European cities and representatives of municipalities, urban planners, international and Ukrainian investors, artists and experts on sustainable development.

There will be 5 discussion panels during the event. Participants will focus on creative transformation and new opportunities for investment-attractive industries, rapid urban development and environmental protection, sustainable community health, and tools to attract investment in Greater Kyiv projects.