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Domestic manufacturers are invited to register in the catalog of companies on the Nazovni


Domestic manufacturers are invited to register in the catalog of companies on the Nazovni

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine invites domestic companies that manufacture products and are looking for opportunities to enter international markets to register in the catalog of enterprises of the international platform NAZOVNI. The platform is designed to provide diplomatic assistance to Ukrainian exporters of goods and services for commercial use in foreign markets.

According to the developers, the catalog is not only a means of attracting attention, but also a powerful tool for exporting and an opportunity to attract the interest of potential importers. After registering in the catalog, the company receives recommendations on choosing a market for export within 2-5 days, and within a month - a personalized action plan and contacts of potential partners in the selected country, as well as news, announcements and invitations to events for exporters organized by Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad.

The prerequisites for working with the platform are:

- registration of the company on the territory of Ukraine;

- the company is a manufacturer and/or exporter of products/services; !!!NAZOVNI does not cooperate with intermediaries who do not directly export on their own or who provide paid services for other companies to export their products;

- a presentation and a commercial offer in English are required (the system provides an opportunity to download these documents);

- a website in English is required;

- contact information of the company's representative who is fluent in English (foreign language) for prompt and effective communication with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, embassies and foreign partners (including a mobile phone with WhatsApp or other messenger).

To register in the catalog, please follow the link - https://nazovni.online/