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eWork: The first wave of applications for grants for processing enterprises in 2024 started on February 5


eWork: The first wave of applications for grants for processing enterprises in 2024 started on February 5

From February 5, Ukrainians who want to receive grants for starting or developing a processing business can apply for the first wave of this year. Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Nadiya Bihun, informed about this.

"The development of the processing industry is a strategic direction of the Government, we must produce more finished products with a high share of added value both for consumption in the middle of the country and for export. Our goal is to increase the share of the processing industry in the country's GDP to 20%, which meets the OECD standard. Therefore, we stimulate the development of processing enterprises through grant programs. To date, 660 enterprises have already received grants from the state for starting or expanding the processing business for UAH 3.3 billion. This year, we have pledged funding for the issuance of another 1,000 such grants for a total of UAH 5.4 billion," said Nadiya Bihun.

Under the "New Level" grant program for processing enterprises, entrepreneurs can receive a grant of up to UAH 8 million for business development. At the same time, a mandatory condition for providing funds is the creation of new jobs by the recipient of the grant, in particular, he is obliged to create up to 25 jobs.

As a reminder, the government project eRobota includes grant programs aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial activity and job creation. In particular, these are micro-grant programs for opening or developing one's own business, grants for the creation and development of processing enterprises, planting a garden and viticulture, and greenhouse farming. Both active entrepreneurs and people with no business experience can apply for a grant. Currently, applications are being accepted for all areas of the program. Work is ongoing. The application is submitted through the Diya portal.

Source: https://www.kmu.gov.ua/news/yerobota-z-5-liutoho-startuvala-persha-u-2024-rotsi-khvylia-podachi-zaiav-na-hranty-dlia-pererobnykh-pidpryiemstv