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This year, on April 25 and 26, the International Forum "Ukrainian-Polish Business Days" will be held in Poland


This year, on April 25 and 26, the International Forum "Ukrainian-Polish Business Days" will be held in Poland

In April of this year, a two-day International Forum "Ukrainian-Polish Business" will be held in Poland. On April 25 in Warsaw and April 26 in Lublin, experts and representatives of government and business will meet to discuss urgent issues and prospects for bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Poland.

The main goal of the event is to promote a fruitful dialogue between business and the authorities of Poland and Ukraine, the development of partnership between the business environments of both countries, and the creation of transparent and favorable conditions for trade and investment cooperation and the future reconstruction of Ukraine.

Thus, according to the forum organizers, the first day of the event will be devoted to the discussion of such important topics as the development of the latest dual-use technologies aimed at improving defense, ensuring security and stimulating economic growth; financial instruments for business from government and commercial financial institutions in Poland and Ukraine; medicine and pharmacy as a potential and underestimated area of bilateral cooperation.

Special attention will be paid to the review of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland in the context of the situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border, as well as its impact on the transport industry and border infrastructure.

On the second day of the International Forum "Ukrainian-Polish Business Days" discussion panels will be held, the purpose of which is to find answers to the following questions: will Lublin become an international hub for manufacturers of construction materials, machines and equipment necessary for the reconstruction of Ukraine? How to make the work of border, customs and phytosanitary services more efficient and optimize their actions when performing relevant procedures at the border? How will demographics and labor migration affect business in the coming decades?

It will also be about the cooperation of local authorities as the key to the quick and effective post-war recovery of Ukraine's regions

Learn more about the International Forum "Ukrainian-Polish Business" and registration for participation at the link here