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A sports and recreation area is being equipped with the investor's funds


A sports and recreation area is being equipped with the investor's funds

A sports and recreation area will be built on Polyarnaya Street in the Obolonsky District of Kyiv with the funds of an investor. According to Order No. 605 of July 12, 2023, the investor will be selected by holding an investment competition. This was reported by the Department of Economy and Investments of the KMDA.

According to the project, on the street Children's and sports grounds will be pre-equipped in Polar, gazebos and temporary structures will be installed, which will be used for the maintenance and operation of the investment object, as well as the improvement of the surrounding area will be carried out.

The project does not foresee any capital construction. It is only about the installation of prefabricated structures without the arrangement of foundations. The investor - the winner of the competition - must ensure the technical possibility of dismantling all the components of the investment object without causing damage to the territory and natural objects.

KP "Pleso" has been identified as the customer of the project implementation. The preparation of pre-investment works in terms of the development of the main technical and economic indicators and possible pre-project proposals will be carried out by KP "Kyiv Investment Agency". And the Department of Economy and Investments will develop the terms of the competition.

The permanent commission for attracting investors to finance the construction, reconstruction and restoration of city infrastructure objects was instructed to hold a competition for attracting investors.

Source: https://kyivcity.gov.ua/news/na_vul_polyarniy_koshtom_investora_oblashtuyut_sportivno-rekreatsiynu_zonu/