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The capital of Ukraine is ready for implementation of public-private partnership projects - Mykola Povoroznyk


The capital of Ukraine is ready for implementation of public-private partnership projects - Mykola Povoroznyk

The capital is ready to implement public-private partnership projects, in particular, aimed at people's needs. This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Mykola Povoroznyk during his speech at the opening of the International Conference "Implementation of public-private partnerships aimed at people's needs: best international practices and recommendations for Ukraine and its neighbors".

 "We are glad to host well-known specialists in the field of public-private partnership, who took the time to share the experience and knowledge in modernizing of the infrastructure, which is critical for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Kyiv is making only the first steps towards attracting private business to implement large-scale infrastructure projects under conditions of public-private partnership, but we have already realized how complicated and responsible it is, which requires highly qualified staff and a developed institutional environment", - said Mykola Povoroznyk.

He noted that the purpose of the conference is the study and exchange of international experience in the implementation of public-private partnerships, primarily aimed at people's needs, with a view to further implementation of this model in Ukraine.

"Approved by the UN Agenda until 2030 "The Action Plan for People, the Planet and Prosperity" has set the world's complex and ambitious goals for sustainable development. The UN resolution recognizes the importance of participating in the achievement of the goals of Sustainable Development of the private sector: both multinational companies and micro-enterprises, cooperatives, civil society institutions and charitable organizations. Public-private partnership is one of the main instruments for achieving the goals of sustainable development ", - said Mykola Povoroznyk.

According to him, Kyiv should continue to be an example, the engine of economic transformations in Ukraine, in particular through the implementation of public-private partnership projects, which should ensure:

- sustainable economic growth;

- improving the quality of life of people;

- improvement of the environment;

- involvement of business and public to achieve these goals.

"I am confident that this event will be an impetus for the implementation of public-private partnership projects in Ukraine, attracting additional financial resources, including international partners, ensuring the transfer of technologies for the implementation of important infrastructure projects in Ukraine", - summed up Mykola Povoroznyk.